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Summary of teachers blog

So far my teacher has blogged about how important it is for kids to teach each other and much it benefits them. Also, she has talked about how we need to believe in our students and get them motivated to do better and learn better.

Blog 3

It’s not about the technology:

I agree with what Hines is saying about us as teachers must be up to date with current trends and technology. It is our job as teachers to teach the students about these trends and technology so therefore we need to know all about it. I know there are so many useful workshops teachers can go to, to get to know more about these trends and technology. The workshops are there for us to use and can help teachers in their curriculum in the classroom.
Hines discusses that without good teaching, technology is useless. She is completely right, if a teacher is not adequately trained for something like smart boards and such, then the teacher cannot really show the students how much technology can help learning and make it fun for them. Computers are seen by students as tool for games and just word processers when we as teachers and adults know they can be so much more which why it is important for teachers to get the proper training to better teach the students on how computers and other forms of technology are not for just games.

Is it OK to be a technologically illiterate teacher?

I think every teacher, especially now a days has to be technologically literate because of how fast technology is expanding. Five years ago today there was nowhere near the amount of technology that there is today. Therefore teachers need to be prepared for the advances that are coming with technology and be ready to teach the students all they can so the students can understand everything else in the world.
Technology also can help a teacher out in so many ways in their classroom and if they are illiterate, the teacher wouldn’t be teaching to their full ability. It is understandable that teachers that have been teaching for a long time may not know as much as the younger or newer teachers but that is why there are so many great workshops! They can help the people who are not quite on the level as everyone to get to that level.

Social Media Count:

Wow. I just sitting there watching the numbers go up for 30 seconds is remarkable. I do not think people really realize how much the internet is used on a daily basis. I had no idea it was that much. Technology is just becoming the first form of information for everyone. Do you ever think where everyone would be without technology or even just the internet?? Without internet we could not even do this class!
Thinking about these increasing numbers in reference to my professional career as a teacher really makes me think. I still have at least another two years left of school before I even become a teacher. I can only imagine what things will be like then. Are there going to be more advances? More than just smart boards in the classrooms? Are we going to be basing our curriculum off of technology? Will learning be evolved around technology? Just thinking about how fast these things are changing at such a high rate makes me a little nervous for what will come when we are teachers. What if what we are learning now changes by the time we become teachers? People think that teaching is such an easy job but they really have no idea what is behind all of it and what we as teachers have to do to stay updated on the most current technology!

A Vision of students today:

Looking at this video just proves that we all use technology in different ways. It is almost like we are getting pulled in two directions because not everything has converted to online. Like the part where the student held up the sign that we will spend so much money on books we will not even open or the part where we will write 42 pages for class but over 500 emails. The difference between using technology and not using it is just increasing as time goes on and as more technology is invented and integrated in learning.
Looking at this video as a future teacher though, makes me want to learn more about technology now because in the future the difference in the numbers will be even more. Online work will probably start in the middle school or even elementary education years. It really is surprising how much technology has influenced life. This video does an amazing job of showing basically how technology is slowly taking over the world and how much students and teachers rely on it to get things done.

Blog 2


Did you know 3.0

Did you know 3.0 had so many surprising facts a out the world today. I had no idea the world was moving as fast as it is. One thing that really surprised and fascinated me was when the video about a student studying a four year degree in technology, half of what they learn in the first year will be outdated by their third year of study. I couldn’t imagine how that difficult that must be to have to keep up with the world changing technology.
I know that by the time I become a teacher there will be probably be so many more advances in technology that will help out within the classroom. Now, we as becoming teachers and even teachers now are amazed at what the smartboard can do and how much it can help in the classroom. I cant even imagine how many more helpful things will come in the years as we begin to teach!

Mr. WInkle

Mr. Winkle Wakes:

Mr. Winkles is a video about how he wakes up after 100 years and realizes how different the world is. He goes to hospitals and offices and realizes that everything is run off of technology but then goes to a school where he feels “comfortable” because it is still about the same when he remembers it. When I first started watching this video I didn’t quite understand why we were watching it because it seemed as though it was talking to a young audience but then thinking about I realized that it really is for adults and that its saying that we as future and current teachers need to realize that the schools are as advanced as the rest of the world. Now in college and jobs almost everything is technology based and we barely introduce the children into any technology that they will need to know!
WE cant sit here and let our students not understand what they are about to enter as they get older!

Don'y Kill Creativity

Sir Ken Robinson:

I really enjoyed this video. It was very entertaining but at the same time it actually made you realize a few things. Robinson is completely right about how art and creativity is not high up in the hierarchy. The curriculum focuses more on the “core” subjects as in math, English, science. But art is just seen as a fun class to take but that is where students really get to explore their imagination and really get to use their creativity to learn. Watching this video made me think of all the things I have seen in the past when I have been student teaching at schools and now that I really sit down and think about it, when the students get to use their creativity or get to sing or dance to learn something, they really do enjoy it more than just sitting in their desk listening to the teacher as they try to understand what they are teaching. Creativity is so important and it really hasn’t been integrated into the curriculum as much as it should. In my opinion if we as teachers were to let the students be more creative in what they were learning, they would learn more and be more interested in what they were learning which is very important for them to retain the information.


Cecilia Gault:

I believe that in order make sure students have the same education capability that Cecilia Gault has in her classroom, technology would have to be greatly intertwined in the learning in the classroom. Students are slowly becoming adapting to the advances in technology but in order to prepare them for the future advances, we as teachers need to show them more about technology and get them comfortable using technology. Also, we need to allow students to be more creative in everything they do. There are so many rules and standards that have to be met that teachers narrow the time the students could be creative.
Culture is also a very important thing in education. So many students have no idea what the world consists of outside the US or even their state. Integrating different cultures into the curriculum and classroom could really open the eye of so many students.

students blogging

Vicki Davis: Harness your Students’ Digital Smarts

This video really showed how important it is for students to connect to the outside world of their classroom in order to further their knowledge. When I was their age I was never using this much technology and now we use technology so much that getting the students comfortable with it now would only help them in the future. I really do think that sometimes students learn more when they teach each other than when the teacher is teaching them. They seem to listen better and understand more when someone on their level is teaching them. I also really liked the part during the video when she was talking about how teachers don’t have to know everything they are teaching. So many teachers feel like there is so much pressure on them to know everything above and beyond that they are going to teach but as shown in the video, you don’t have to. Sometimes it’s ok to not know everything and I think that was really shown in this video.

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About Me

My name is Alyssa. I am from Denver Colorado. I was born and raised in Colorado. My family still lives in Colorado. I moved to Mobile in 2008 to come to South Alabama. Everyone always asks me why I came to South Alabama and I don't really have a definite answer. I looked at about 10 different colleges before picking South. I was considering North Carolina and South Carolina as well as South and just decided that I liked South Alabama more then the other schools I had looked at. And I wanted to go into education and South has very well rated College of Education. I am on my fourth year here at South and I love it and am very happy I picked South.
I have always wanted to be a teacher. In high school i got to work in an elementary school for a class for my high school and I loved every minute of it and since then it just was a simple decision for me to do education! I have always loved working with kids. And I cannot wait to become a teacher!